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Dirty Electronics Soho Radio Residency - Music for DIY Electronics 19 - 23 March: special guests, workshops, micro forum, micro performances, broadcast and exhibition.

An epic schedule for Music for DIY Electronics @sohoradio featuring: Dirty Electronics; Max Wainwright; Ewa Justka; Adrain Shaughnessy; Natalie Kay-Thatcher; Victor Mazon; Isambard Khroustaliov; Tom Richards; SheIsRevolting; Laura Netz (Garcia); Duncan Chapman; James Joslin; Farmer Glitch; Dushume; Harry Smith; Poisk; Stenton.Press; and more. Full schedule



Three workshops announced for Music for DIY Electronics @sohoradio:
Sequencer Machine Workshop with Ewa Justka
Violations Workshop
57mm Wavetable Synth Workshop with Max Wainwright

Dirty Electronics Making for Radio for Czech Radio
Live broadcast archived

Dirty Electronics interviews with Mark Fell and Frieder Nake embedded in Polytik code. Download and read in a text editor

The Sound is Innocent - film/documentary re. electronic music
Dirty Electronics to feature. Filming continues 2018

Czech State Film Fund



Violations - limited edition cassette EP and synth release - workshop and release as part of Soho Radio Residency 19 - 23 March.

Dirty Electronics feature in book Mute: A Visual Document
From 1978 - Tomorrow