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Polytik with Jack Featherstone and Artists and Engineers - now available

There will be a Polytik workshop at Truman Brewery, London, 4/5 Nov (dta)

Mute take over of Soho Radio - Mute Synth II workshop and feature, London, Sept 2017

Violations - limited edition cassette EP and synth release
- Oct 2017



Dirty Electronics Japan - Sept 2017
Darkness - a room without a window
Make a sound circuit
Blow into a whistle to generate electric current, light and sound
A collective performance

The Sound is Innocent - film/documentary re. electronic music (dta)

Dirty Electronics to feature. Filming starts autumn 2017

Czech State Film Fund

Dirty Electronics Hoerspiel for Czech Radio (with HAMU, Prague) Nov. 2017

Amsterdam, NL, December 2017; and January 2018 (dta)



Dirty Electronics violations at Cafe Oto, London, 27 May

Video of performance with Max Wainwright (from 1:55)